10 steps to set up podcast on iTunes and submit your podcast

Podcast is audio, video, documents, or any combination of the three that is made by someone and then posted to the internet for internet users. Internet users can feel the podcast via iTunes or iPod. To get full advantage of it, you need to know how to set up podcast on iTunes and also how to explore it!!! Here’s the way to set up and explore your podcast as a media.

podcast itunes

iTunes podcast setup:

There is some primary requirements before set up podcast. That are internet connection, iTunes, email address and audio or video files that you want to podcast. After completing these requirements, you can set up your iTunes podcast by following these simple 10 steps:

1st step: Open your internet browser; it should Safari, Chrome or Firefox and then goes to the address www.podomatic.com.

2nd step: Click to the signup button which is in top of the PodOmatic page and select to the basic PodOmatic. Basic PodOmatic is free for use.

3rd step: Fill up the entire requirement including full name, your email, password and birthday. Then check Terms of Service button and finally click to the Join PodOmatic.

4th step: Then you will find a photo adding option. You can add a photo or can skip it to access the main page.

5th step: Now hover over the publish menu then hover over Podcast and then click Create. Here’s had a form that includes title and description for your podcast. Fill up this and click Save & Continue for next.

6th step: You will get option for selecting audio or video files. Here’s have;

  • Upload files
  • Select from your Media Library.
  • Record using a microphone.
  • Transfer from your desktop using FTP.
  • I don’t want to select audio or video.

You need to select Upload files and then select some files to grab audio or video files. Click open to start uploading and after finishing upload click I’m finishing uploading link.

7th step: In this step you need to select or skip the uploading photo option again. Then you can enter Tags option to choose different tags like podcast, audio, video, listen, someone or any others that you want to add. Select none option below the tag to appropriate your episode for all audiences. Final click save & continue for next step.

8th step: Again click save and continue from Review/Publish menu and then go back Home option. Select Publish and click submit button after checking your choose URL. Then you can see your first episode by showing published status.

9th step: It’s time to upload an image to subscribe your podcast by others. Simply go forward by Publish> Upload and choose select some files and grab a picture files and upoad. Then go to Public> Podcast> Settings and select your uploaded photo with giving description. Select Categories, tags, language and finally click saves. Now your podcast is all sets. Then click Publish one more time and set your given category in Daily Podcast Ranking option and saves. In the below, you will get a RSS feed link which is the main thing to podcasting. Copy this RSS after double clicking.

10th step: Open your iTunes and go to Advanced> subscribe to podcast and paste your copied RSS URL and click OK. Now your first made podcast is ready to downloading or watching or listening.

You can now submit your podcast on iTunes store. Go to iTunes store> Podcast and click submit a podcast. You have to sign-in your iTunes store before submitting. So, lets sign-in, paste your RSS URL and click continue. Now just fill up subcategory to the showing page and click submit. That’s all the process of submission on iTunes store.

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