3 most supper gripped and smart cases for your iPod Touch

You need not think about how much careful you are, if you have a pop case on your iPod touch. It is true that a case isn’t going to casually protect your iPod Touch from every drop or being death. But a soft pop case is better than a hard case to save your device from breakage or scratch. It might add more bulk to your device but keep your lovely device protected from being damage in many occasions. There are many cheap cases available, though I am not going over those. To get a best one for your iPod, you can spend from $30 to $50 that is near to 1/5th the cost of your iPod. But it is not actually worthless. Ultimately it will save about $100 that would be required for repairing. Let see 3 most supper gripped and smart cases for iPod Touch.

Incase (an exclusive pop case) for iPod Touch 5th Generation:

Incase (an exclusive pop case) for iPod Touch 5th Generation:Providing much protection for the sidewalls incase has revealed a transparent and well gripped Incase Pop Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation that are available in two different colors. How they handled the bottom edge is very spectacular. It is opening particularly for each individual port to access.

I was impressed to see that five tiny dots at the bottom getting matched with the speaker grid. It is offering rubberized/silicone sidewalls for more protective covering from shocks, drops and percussion. It has overly large loop hole and so you will not need to remove the pop case when you need to install or uninstall the loop. It has another hole for camera and flash. If you need to protect your iPod touch much and camera less, get this minimal and transparent durable case that doesn’t cover the engraving. You can buy it only from apple store. Incase Pop Case is only available for iPod Touch 5th generation 32GB/54GB.

ZeroChroma Teatro Case for iPod Touch for iPod touch 4th Generation:

ZeroChroma Teatro Case for iPod Touch for iPod touch 4th GenerationA consistent stand is always equipped for your iPod built into the back of the case is the main feature of ZeroChroma Teatro Case. Its edges are bit textured so that it can allow some grip when prolonged. You can use this stand in 14 different angles enabled by a ratchet wheel system. Easily rotate the circle to bring the stand into landscape or portrait mode, and then set an angle. You can adjust it anyway for watching movies, sharing videos, FaceTime or reading books.

In ZeroChroma Teatro Case, throughout the bottom, it has an extended area to suit device connector, earphone and talker. The volume switches are instantly reached by pushing rubbery keys on the side of the Teatro case. ZeroChroma Teatro is compatible for iPod Touch 4th generation. Hard plastic is used to make it. Teatro cases are currently available in black and white colors. It will add extra 0.8 oz weight to your iPod Touch. For rotatable circle and consistent stand, ZeroChroma Teatro case would be a great idea for your iPod Touch.

GeoSkin Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation:

Speak has introduced GeoSkin Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation, a smart, photogenic and totally protective case is made with Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). Grown bezel around the case on the front gives a flexible protection to your iPod screen when you put its face underneath. Buttons are a bit hard to access. However, matte and shiny facets and touchable texture on the back and sides are something that really makes it different and unique feel. GeoSkin Case is compatible for iPod touch 5th generation 32GB/54GB. If you want to feel comfortable and durable case for your iPod Touch 5th generation, then GeoSkin Case would be a right choice.

GeoSkin Case for iPod Touch 5th Generation

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