View Additional Audio Control and Audio Playback Control on screen

I can listen to audio from my iPod touch internal speaker. Some time I use my headphones or Bluetooth stereo headphones. If you connect your headphones with your device, no so sound will come from internal speakers. Everything I have said is common issue that you must know. Now I am going to tell you about additional audio controls. Using additional item you can make more easy your task. In additional features, there are some extra option like Repeat, Ping like, Ping post, Shuffle, Scrubber bar, Genius, Play head.

To view additional audio control on screen, tap the album artwork on the Now Playing screen. Then the additional option will be available to use. In the top you can see the number of the song that you are playing currently. In the left of the scrubber bar, elapsed time will appear and in the left remaining time. Look more in bellow:

additional audio control



repeat-allrepeat all song in the list

repeat-current-songrepeat only current

repeatNo repeat

Shuffle: Tap shuffle song  twice to play song in order

Plahead: Drag the Playhead to skip any portion of the song

Genius: tap genius to make a genius play list.


In the top image you can see a marked option. Tap it to play music on airplay speakers and Apple TV.

audio play back control

Audio playback control. Click twice on home button and next flick left to right along the bottom of the screen. Then you can see Audio playback control. On the right the most recent app will appear that played.

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