How Can I Extend My iPod Touch Battery Life?

Battery life means the time it will run operations before it charge again. iPod touch battery life really depends on what you are using in your iPod. I can get around 9 to 11 hours of use with the screen (about 80% brightness), Wi-Fi on and browsing web pages. A brand new apple iPod touch typically plays music up to 40 hours and video up to 8 hours on a full charge mode. It will take about 4 hours for being full charged. Note: Battery lifespan and battery life is quite different things.

Hit is an important directrix that can deadly affect and even shrink iPod touch battery capacity. So keep it in your mind when charging your iPod. If you are using iPod touch case, then you should check if it becomes hot when charging. You also should be careful when you are in a trip so that you avoid put you iPod on a hot place in your car. There are more things that you can do yourself to extend you iPod touch battery life and make it last longer.

Here is how do I make sure my iPod touch battery last longer?

Battery will conserve up to 80% of capacity before 400 times full charging and discharging. It is better to use your iPod until its battery charge is significantly exhausted. I use some settings that can make my iPod battery last longer. As a result, I can use my iPod around 11 hours after charging each time. If you apply those settings on your device, I hope that you can use your iPod few hours more than before.

Change settings to extend your iPod touch battery life:

  • Wi-Fi: if you don’t need to use Wi-Fi, then switch off it from settings. It consumes power of battery, though you are not using internet. It also gets useful in sometimes to set airplane option off. If you have a home network or private Wi-Fi, then don’t get connected with busy network like public Wi-Fi.
  • iPod touch battery last longerNotification: Click notification from settings and change settings for the apps that are in notification center. Apps displaying in notification center use auto fetching data that ultimately reduce energy of iPod battery and the quicker your battery may go down. If you want your iPod touch battery last longer, then set refresh/notification mode in manually/off. This option will be appear in Settings >> Notifications >> apps under the “In Notification Center”. When you will open those apps, they can retrieve new data for you, but the settings will not change until you change it.
  • iPod touch battery last longerPush Off Fetching New Data: In the settings, click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” and then click on “Fetch New Data”. Turn off for push button and set fetch as manually. By turning off push or fetch new data, you are restricting your device to retrieve new messages automatically and use internet without your acknowledge. You also can change the settings for the number of recent messages that will be shown from the path “Mail, Contacts, Calendar” >> Mail >> Show.
  • extend my iPod touch battery lifeSet Location Service Perfectly: Many apps use automatic location detecting service that send request to your iPod touch to do this job and respond with the most appropriate location. Sometimes it don’t have much use to you when you are using such apps. If you often use such apps providing location update, then you can turn of their location service from Settings >> Location Service. If you need to know location when you are using the app, you may have to bring change in settings and turn on. Some apps always keep you update by pushing information and require tracking location (such as Weather App). If you set manual notification refreshment, then you actually need not turn of location service for those apps.
  • iPod touch battery lifeHigh Or Auto Brightness Affects iPod Touch Battery Life: Some guys said to set Auto-Brightness ON to save iPod touch battery life. Does it really save battery life or make it last longer? You will have the answer yourself after bit thinking. You know the best way of saving battery life by minimizing iPod operations as far as possible. If you put your device sensor in lot of occasional uses, then it must lost energy of battery. If you can do the functions yourself relieving to sensor intelligence, why will you allow exhausting battery life abortively? By setting brightness in low range you can make your iPod battery last longer.

Other Facts That Also Might Have Affected On iPod Touch Battery Life:

  • As like hot, if you use iPod in cold air, it will decrease dramatically your iPod battery life. But it is a temporary situation and battery performs as before after warming up.
  • Close apps when they are not being used, stop sounds, put screen turned off when playing music and use cool wallpaper instead of much colored and brighter one.
  • Confirm that you have at least one cycle recharged and discharged your iPod touch battery in a month.
  • I like to use 80% brightness in my iPod touch and so I have to turn on Auto-Lock for saving battery life by forcing device to get sleep after a given time. It is really effective, if you often forget to lock you device manually. You can do all things from Settings >> General and Auto-Lock.
  • Turn off EQ (Equalizer), if you don’t need it or play music for long time. It will prevent your iPod battery life go down quickly.

All above tips in this article will must help you to extend iPod touch battery life. Exercise your iPod regularly and recharge when battery life is between 5% – 10%. If you think you are going to put off your iPod for next three weeks or above, then keep it with 50% to 70% battery life.

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