What is my IMEI number of iPhone/iPod touch/ iPad:

Every device has an machine identity.  IMEI also something like that. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment. When I brought my iPhone 4 , I was not known to this term. One of friend take my iPhone then showed me a number. I asked him what is it and how to find out it. My friend then explain about IMI and told me the most common method that is used to find out IMEI of any mobile device.

IMEI is an important and secure number also. You should not share it with other, since it carries your device unique identity.

Now most of the iPhone lovers are buying iPhone 5 and the are trying to learn about iPhone. I think they should have knowledge about IMEI. Okay you can find your IMEI using a number dial. Type *#06# on your screen and instantly you will see what is your device IMEI.

Get IMEI from settings

You can find your IMEI from your general settings. Go to the Settings >> General >> about and you will see a row about IMEI. Click on it to get your IMEI.

IMEI is a secure number for you

Simply you can see your device IMEI in the Sim Tray or in the packet within your device. If you have any new technique to get IMEI, please share it with others here. I will frequently write about IMEI depending on interest of most people.

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