Find my lost iPod Touch – tips for getting back my iPod Touch

find my iPod Touch appsIn this section I will let you know how to find your lost iPod touch. It would be easy to find your lost iPod touch or stolen iPod touch, if you enabled find iPod touch apps in your device. You can find lost iPod touch using map, displaying message and playing sound. If you didn’t enabled find iPod apps, then what you can do to find lost iPod touch? Here I have described some common tips that can help you to get back your lost iPod Touch or stolen iPod touch.

Tips for getting back lost iPod Touch:

Use map:  You can find the location of your lost iPod Touch on map. If you didn’t enabled Find My iPod Touch from settings on your iPod Touch before lost, you will not be able to use map to find your iPod. (For newbie) So it is important for you to set up it now to ensure your iPod security. Go to Settings on your iPod touch, tap iCloud, and enable Find My iPod touch. Then if you misplace it, you can sign in to from any web browser on a Mac or PC. Or borrows your friend’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and use the Find My iPhone app. This app shows you the approximate location of your iPod touch on a map.

Display a message: Suppose some one finds your iPod and he may look for you to return it. Now you may ask me – “how does he know about my address or location?” Write a message and let him know how to find you. You can simply write a message and display it on your iPod Touch screen.

Play sound: You find your iPod on map nearby your house, but you still cannot find it. You can sing in to Find My iPhone apps from your friends iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and tell Find My iPod touch to play a sound that overrides the volume or silent setting.

Lock remotely: You may left your iPod Touch in a public place. So your personal information and content might be in risk. You can protect your content until you get your iPod safely back on your hand. You have to remotely set a passcode of four digits to lock your iPod Touch to prevent people from using your iPod touch, accessing your personal information or changing any of your settings.

Use remote Wipe: you can protect your privacy with remote wipe. Your lost iPod Touch may be contains your  important Email, photos, address, phone numbers  and personal information. And you  don’t want to reach it in others hand. If you have already send message to display on your iPOd Touch and it hasn’t resulted in its safe return, you can initiate a remote wipe to restore it to its factory settings. When you find your iPod Touch you can restore your data from your most recent back up using iCloud or iTunes. Please locate your iPod touch on map using Find My iPod apps before you are going to initiate a remote wipe. Because a wiped iPod Touch cannot be located.

I hope my post will help you to find your lost iPod Touch. Search more sites for help. Leave a comment asking your question or with your experience.

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