Get your Geocaching app so quicker – Use Geocaching Efficiently

Geocaching is a recreational activity by using GPS receiver or mobile device like iPhone, iPod. Geocaching is one of the fastest outdoor recreational activities in the world. You can use your iPhone/iPod or Android for getting recreation of Geocaching. But, how to get your Geocaching app so faster? By following some instruction, you can easily use your iPhone/iPod, android for Geocaching.

Application of geocaching app:

Homepage: The application homepage will show you the current location and also the time that your current location was updated. If you have a great distance from your last search and planning to search nearby geocaches, then you need to wait until for your location updated.

You can also search for listing by address or post code or by the GC code of a geocaches from your device. By these type of search will be display geocache name, distance from your current location, coordinates, GC number, geocache size, terrain ratings and some others info. List of search result will be very short by GC code, geocache type or title.

To get appropriate option click ‘short’ this is top of the display.

Details of Geocache:

For detail viewing select the geocache listing, then you will get these options: Navigation to Geocache, Add to Favorites, Save Maps & Photos, Description, Recent logs, Hint, Notepad, Attributes, Inventory, Photos, Post a Log/Field Note, Find geocaches Near This One, View on, View on External Map.

Select the page from above or click ‘Navigate to Geocache’ to see the geocache location which is relative to your current locations on the maps. A blue or red dot will represents you. If blue, the GPS signal is good but if you see the red dot then the GPS signal is weak. At that time you need to move to a location with a stronger signal.

You will find a green icon whose bottom site is sharp. Geocaches are represented by this icon. Color of this icon will vary the type’s geocache.

It has another two options, one is compass and other is map. You can change from compass view to map view or map to compass view. By zoom option, you can zoom in or out on the map.By geocaching Map Type option you can change the type of map. It has following options: Street Map / Topographic map / Satellite map

Can be changed the focus of the geocaching map by Concentrate choices. It has:

  • My location.
  • Navigation path.
  • Geocache & Waypoits
  • Everything.
It has another option to change the geocaching map heading.

Your can save your current location as a waypoint. You will get the option to enter a name for the waypoint of your current location or geocache location. For saving the waypoint click ‘Done’, when you are ready to save the way point.

After completing all of these, you can return to the geocache listing menu by back option. You can easily apply geocaches applications in your iPhone/iPod by following these instructions.


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