How can I use an Apple wireless keyboard?

Apple wireless keyboard is available for typing on iPod touch (iPod touch 3rd generation or later). The Apple wireless keyboard is connected via Bluetooth with you your iPod touch, so you must pair the keyboard with iPod touch. After pairing it connects whenever the keyboard is within range up to 30 feet. You can understand that the keyboard is connected if onscreen keyboard doesn’t appear when you tap in a text field. To save the battery, unpair the keyboard when not in use.

Follow the steps to switch the language when using a hardware keyboard:

1) Press and hold the Command key.

2) Tap the space bar to display a list of available languages.

3) Tap the space bar again to choose a different language.

Disconnect a wireless keyboard: Press and hold the power button on the keyboard until the green light goes off. And iPod touch also disconnects the keyboard when it’s out of range.


To save your battery, you must not forget to unpair the keyboard when it is not in use. To unpair wireless keyboard from iPod device Go to Settings > General > Bluetooth, tap next key

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