How do I use apps on my ipod touch?

When you first time parches  a ipod touch you may be confused to use apps simply. It generally happen in our daily life when we visit a new place or meet a unknown person we like to keep silent or inactive. Why I give this example you may be clear about that. Okay, You know iOS 5 provide you many application on your ipod touch to make more easy your task. It’s simple to use apps on your ipod touch. When you press on Home buttonhome-button , you can see apps page on home screen. To view another Home screen just flick left or right, or tap to the left or right. To go back in the first screen again press on the Home button home-button. If you want to see recently used apps, press Home button home-button twice. Then a multitasking bar will be appeared. Flick the bar left or right to view more apps. To close an application touch and hold the app icon until it begins to jiggle, then tap close-button.

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