How To Activate iPod Touch? Instructions Of Activate iPod Touch

You will need to activate your iPod touch to enjoy all contents in iTunes. When you are going to activate iPod touch, at the same time you should register the device and sync the player with your iTunes account. If you have already activated your iPod touch then you can enjoy buying the contents from the app store and iTunes applications found on the iPod touch. If you failed to activate iPod touch, then I hope following instructions will help you to activate iPod touch.

Instructions Of Activate iPod Touch:

Required to activate iPod touch: iPod touch cord and iTunes store account.


  • Take your iPod touch and connect it with you PC or MAC. To connect use you iPod touch USB cord/cable.
  • Click the word iPod from Devices menu. Then click Continue button in the middle iTunes window and then marked License agreement box.
  • Type your iTunes store details into the middle iTunes window. Then click Continue. To resister the iPod touch with Apple, type the requested personal information.
  • Mobile me page is not essential to activate your iPod touch. So you can skip right now. To skip click Not Now button.
  • Choose - Set up as new iPod > enter a name for your iPod touch > continue.
  • Select a sync set up from iTunes window. Anytime you can change this setting. After selected a sync setting done, then the iPod touch will be activated.

Q. Is It Possible To Activate iPod Touch Without Internet Connection?

Answer: Internet connection must be required to activate iPod touch because iPod has to contact iTunes. If your iPod touch has iOS 5 then it also need internet, but it you can be activated using WI-Fi. But other iOS not accept Wi-Fi to activate.

Ask your question in comment box, if your face any problem to activate your iPod touch. May you will get a quick solution.

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