How to increase iPhone 4 memory, use iPhone 4 virtual memory

Q. How to expand or increase iPhone 4 memory or create iPhone 4 virtual memory?

Answer: You can use following methods to expand your iPhone 4 memory space (virtual memory space for iPhone)

  • ZumoCast: ZumoCast is free web-streaming program and app by which you can access to all the media content to your computer from anywhere by the help of Wi-Fi or 3G.
  • Dropbox and Evernote: With a Dropbox account, it can be possible to adding up to 2GB of storage to your iPhone device. Evernote also works the same way as Dropbox but it has a limitation of 25MB data per month for free.

Q. Is it possible to transfer the data and pictures from old device to new iPhone 4 memory, although it has no extarnal memory cards?

Answer: Although iPhone has no memory cards but you can transfer your all data from your old iPhone/iPod/iPad to new iPhone 4 memory. For transferring or storing your data, you need to use iCloud.

Q. How to get more memory in my iPhone for storing my photo album?

Answer: By using Google and Picasa Album apps, you can store up to 1 GB data for photos. It also a familiar virtual memory. But the service is web-based and required Wi-Fi or 3G access. This is not robust storing options like Evernote and Dropbox but very useful to contain particular files and photos.

Q. does the iPhone 4 have a memory card? Can I get iPhone 4 memory card in market?

Answer: There is no iPhone 4 memory card or external memory for iPhones, but there are external hard drives which can be used as a data storing device.

Q. Why does my 8GB iPhone 4 memory show that there are available only 6.5GB ?

Answer: I think, the operating system of ios5 or iOS6 takes a considerable amount of memory. So that user may face these problems. Or, you have restored your device for several times.

Q. What is iPhone 4 memory other? How to make free memory in “others” folder of iPhone 4 memory?

Answer: About iPhone 4 memory other: If you downloaded any file except music, video, games and apps, it would be saved in “others” folder in your iPhone memory by default. You may copy a file from “others” folder to another folder of your iPhone. But there is still main copy. In such way you may have a lot of files stored in “others” folder. It perhaps allows max 4 GB. If it cross max limit then you will be noticed that there is no enough memory.

To avoid this situation, you can move files to any preferable folder or delete them permanently and restart your iPhone. If you are still facing problem, then sync your important data (calendar, contact and notes) and then restore your iPhone or iPod touch.

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