How to setup & use iPod Nike plus pedometer on your iPod Nano

The iPod nano includes a pedometer function for their 5th generation version and later. This is called iPod nano Nike plus pedometer and it is a built-in pedometer. It is generally used for measuring steps taken. It also able to measures calories burnt and time tracking way from the beginning of the season. You can easily use this function by following this article.

Pre-preparation: There are some primary requirements to get started using the iPod nano Nike plus:

  1. An iPod nano 5th generation and later, although you can use iPod touch (2nd generation) and later or iPhone 3GS and later as an alternate options of iPod.
  2. Nike+ ready shoes.
  3. ‘Nike + iPod’ sport kit for iPod nano users or ‘Nike + iPod’ sensor for iPod touch or iPhone users.
  4. iTunes 8 or later version.

Here are easy steps of how to use iPod nano nike:

1st step: At first, turn on your iPod nano by pressing a button of your iPod or unlocking it. You need to highlights the Extras option and you can do this by click wheel to scroll down, and then press the center button.

2nd step: Then scroll down again to highlight the Fitness option and press the center button again. There are three options on the fitness menu: Pedometer, Settings and History. You need to go to Pedometer and you can select the Pedometer by pressing center button because Pedometer should already be highlighted.

3rd step: Now you can begin a session by pressing the center button again. But, if this is your first time using ‘Nike + iPod’, then you need to enter your weight by using click wheel. Now you can start your running, walking or jogging by put your iPod into a pocket and pedometer will start to measuring steps taken. Press the center button, if you want to end of the session.

You can change the settings of the pedometer by pressing on the Menu button. You can change the following setting from Menu

Pedometer Activity of the iPod nano Nike plus: Pedometer will be set to Manual by default from its settings option. So, if you press the center button to change it to Always onthen you can start a new session each time.

iPod nano Nike plus daily Step Goal: you can set your daily step goal. There are some suggestions, you can choose from here or you can create your own goal by Custom option.

Weight option of iPod nano Nike plus: If you think that your previous weight settings were incorrect or you gain or lost some weight, then you can change your weight by weight option of the ‘Nike + iPod’. Here both pounds and kilograms will be displayed and you can select anyone from this two.

Screen orientation of the iPod nano Nike plus: you can change the screen orientation. Here three types of orientation (Vertical, Right and Left) is available and you can select anyone.

Track your daily progress from iPod nano Nike:

Also you can track your daily progress from history options of the iPod nano Nike pls. You can mark a day of your using pedometer by a small dot under the date and you can change your selected date by click wheel. By this way, you can view the information for that day. It will show all of the information about your ‘Nike + iPod’ progress, like steps taken, the date you selected, steps goal for the day, calories burned, weekly and monthly step total, starting and ending time etc.

Why you should use iPod nano Nike plus:

There are so many causes for which iPod nano Nike plus pedometer is better than any others. Here are some causes:

iPod nano Nike plus accuracy: iPod nano Nike plus pedometer has a reliable accuracy. To identify the accuracy of the iPod nano Nike plus pedometer, you need to compare it with another pedometer. The comparing result of iPod nano Nike plus accuracy and Omron hip pedometer accuracy for total daily steps, and for a dedicated walking workout is 5% difference. I think it is a reasonable amount of accuracy for total steps.

Hearing music and others info: you can hear music, audiobook, or podcast through headphone, when you are running. It has also ability to provide audible feedback by which you can hear time, distance, calories burned and also your pace in current workout. You can set female or male voice for your hearing. To change the voice, go to Nike + iPod>settings>spoken Feedback then select Male, Female or Off.

iPod nano Nike plus sync: When you connect your iPod nano, iPhone or iPod touch on a computer, iTunes will send your workout data to the website. From this website, you can track your progress overtime, view records, set and monitor goals and also you can compare your performance with the others ‘Nike + iPod’ users.

Customer reviews about iPod nano Nike plus:

There are thousands of customer review about iPod nano Nike plus. The average ratings of these review is 3+. I think this is not bad rating for iPod nano NikeBecause, there are so many users who don’t know the actual use of iPod nano Nike plus, and failed to get proper result from it. As a result, they can provide very poor ratings about it. But if all of the users can understand that, how to set up and use this function, then it will be really helpful for them.

Here are some user’s opinions about iPod nano Nike plus:

  • Many users using this device more than three years and getting a very good service from it.
  • Some users are saying, iPod nano Nike plus is an excellent device to measure how much you walk and how many calories you burning by your walking or running.
  • Some users think that iPod nano Nike plus are the best running partner for runner.
  • Somebody says, it has excellent battery power and more than 473 miles running is possible with same sensor.
  • Although most of the users talking about its good site, but somebody’s found its many faults. It may be having crashing problem and also some users found its poor quality. Some users compared it as a rubbish device for its very poor longevity.

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