iMessage in iPod touch

imessage image iOS 5 has brought some excited features for iPod Touch lovers. iMessage is one of the exclusive new  features.  It is different from traditional message system. You can enjoy a lot of fun with your friend circle, if have iOS 5 running in your iPod Touch.

iMessage offers free texting across all iPod Touch devices that start using iOS5 when you are using internet. iMessage allows you for sending text, photos, videos, contacts, and locations to the other party . When you are using iMessage,  you can easily understand if someone is typing a response. Because a small ellipsis appear in below and left side of the text box.

To send  traditional SMS  you need to pay. But iMessage is free.  If you have Wi-Fi or 3G connection, You can use iMessage texts  free without ant rate like SMS. Moreover iMessage  is  quicker  process to send text then traditional SMS.

“Who have an iPOd with iOS 5 can use iMessage” , it doesn’t mean that you can not sent text SMS.  You also can send SMS to others. But remember , you can text via iMessage to your circle who have iOS 5 running in his iPod.  Who has an iPad or iPhone with iOS 5, you can also send text via iMessage to them.

How do I register iMessage on iPod Touch?

  • First run iOS 5 in your device
  • Select settings
  • Select Messages
  • Turn the switch on for iMessage
  • A box will appear asking for your Apple ID
  • Now write your ID correctly
  • If you do not have any existing account,  then select  “Create New Account” option

Now start typing text with you onscreen keyboard an make fun with your circle through iMessage.

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