Install Winterboard theme in your iPhone or iPod touch

Here is some instructions to install Winterboard Theme in iPod/iPhone. Follow four steps to install Winterboard  Theme using Cydia. You also can find some free And best Winterboard Theme here -learn more about Best Winterboard Theme before installing one.

Install Winterboard Theme using Cydia:

1st step: Your first task to launch Cydia from your iPod/iPhone springboard.

2nd step: Then you will need to find a theme to install. To enter the Cydia tab is the best way to browse winterboard theme and then click the themes button. After clicking the button a new page will appear where you will find both paid for and free themes. You can take it by paying or free but But I will recommend you to take a paid theme due to safety.

3rd step: After completing download, click the package button and  a new page will come from where you can install your theme. Click to install the theme now. After complete installing, you need to click the Cydia button. Then click the home key to return to your springboard.

4th step: In this step you need to tap the winterboard icon on your springboard to launch winterboard. If you see that, the winterboard is running then go to the select theme tab and tap on the theme which you just installed through Cydia.

After doing all of these you will be noticed a respring button. By taping respring button, your iPod/iPhone will respring to activate your selected theme. After respring just slide to unlock, then you will confirm that the theme has been activated.

Enjoy your iPod touch with Winterboard theme!

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