iPod Touch (3th, 4th, 5th generation) reviews & comparisons 2013

iPod touch is very similar like a mobile device, which are designed and marketed by Apple Inc with included iPod music player functionality. But, day by day Apple publishing its upgraded version and changing or adding some extra feature to its users. So, if you are a proud user of iPod touch or wants to purchase it, then it is necessary to knowing everything about it.

By following this article, you can understand what differences exist among iPod touch third, forth, and fifth generation.

iPod touch 3rd generation reviews:

In physically, the third generation iPod touch is very similar to its generation. But in functionally, there is a huge difference between this two. Or we can say that, apple iPod touch third generation is very exceptional than its previous version in functionally.

What is the similarity to its previous version and what is new in apple iPod touch third generations? Here are all similarities and new features:

Similarity: Apple iPod touch third generation is very similar to its second generation for weight (4.05 ounces), dimensions (4.3 x 2.4 x 0.33 inches), multi-touch screen (3.5 inch), Wi-Fi and for the App Store support. Also it has 36 hours battery life for audio and 6 hours for video playback. But it has also some excellent new features.

What is new in apple iPod touch 3rd generations? New feature of the iPod touch 3rd generation: iPod touch 3rd generation adds the same processor as the iPhone 3GS, that is gives more processing power to employ OpenGL. As a result, to deliver more complex and more appealing graphics to games is allowing in it. So, this is an enjoyable version to the gamers. This is also offering 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB capacities while 32GB is the highest capacity to the second generation.

User’s experiences about iPod touch third generation:

Users are sharing their both positive and negative experience about iPod third generation.

  • Some users think that, there is no difference between iPod second generation and third generation, except slightly faster processor and better graphics support of the iPod third generation. It is the best options for those who love music.
  • Some users are talking about its longevity, they think iPod touch third generation is not longer lasting. Even it may be down within one year. Also, its screen can go to completely white, at the time of turn on and someone found its only 10 minutes battery lasting. 10 minutes battery lasting!!! How does it possible? I hope it has a good reason. I can say that I loved it while I have bought it first.

iPod touch 4th generation reviews:

Apple iPod touch forth generation include high quality retina display. There are some others good thing is:

  • It includes two cameras and face time support.
  •  It is thinner and lighter than any of its previous version.
  • Storage of iPod forth generation is 64GB.

But, comparatively its cameras are very low quality than iPhone 4 and cost for 8GB model higher than iPhone 4. Even iPod touch froth generation provides a poor quality headphone, which is not expectation to music lovers.

iPod touch 4th generation includes many features from iPhone 4. I think it will help the iPod touch users to easily understand to its function. User can think that the iPhone’s cameras are better than iPod touch. But, probably most of the user’s choice field will be iPod touch 4th generation and any other media player or mobile game device. If you have already got a mobile phone or don’t want to pay iPhone’s monthly fees, then iPod touch 4G is the better option for mobile entertainment.

My review iPod touch 4th generation:

If you say to review on iPod touch 4th generation, then I will say, It has a great outdoor photography quality, although it can’t provide good indoor. Most of the users like its thin and colorful body with retina screen. Some users have also very bitter experience about iPod touch forth generation. Such as they think its battery power is very less. Some are failed to understand its set up at all.

iPod touch 5th generation review:

After the Apple iPod touch 4th generation, 5th generation of iPod touch has added some significant changes.

Good things about iPod touch 5th generation:

Gorgeous screen looks: iPod touch 5th generation offering you a big and appealing 4 inch screen with 1136 x 640 pixel retina display. For its large size and high resolution, the screen looks very gorgeous and makes playing games, using apps and watching videos are enjoyable.

Lighter size: It makes more gorgeous for its thinner and lighter size. It has improved camera with panoramic support.

Loop holder : The iPod touch 5th generation is differ from other version for its loop holder. Loop holder is a wrist strap that lets you tether the touch to your arm for carry. As a result it can give security to your device from drop in your unaware situation.

Speakers: It also adds improved speakers EarPods with include ear-canal friendly shape. But it there is no inline remote to control volume, songs, and others features like iPhone version. I think this a missing for the administration of Apple and it will be excellent if it can add again.

User’s experiences about iPod touch 5th generation:

Most of the users like its upgraded features like big screen, thinner and lighter, loop holder, Siri support. Although most of the users are saying good about its camera and HD video quality but some users are think that, it does not have a rear facing camera.

Everything has its good and bad site but, if you want to get a device of great performance this is the thing for you.

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