iPod Touch 4 th generation || how can I identify my iPod touch 4 G

There are two colors variation of iPod touch 4 th generation. You will find black or white colored iPod touch 4 th generation model. Apple first released the black colored set in September 8, 2010 and then white in October 12, 2011. iPod 4 th generation would appear with a lot of power and features updated. You can measure that how much rich it. Huge changes took place in iPod 4 th generation: OS, display, storage, cameras, color, and Rated battery life.

iPod touch

Some time we got a new version of device and simply we have not so much idea on its new features and uses. But it is important to know about updated features to make best use of it. When I buy or get gift of any new device I have to search on internet about it to make me acknowledged. When my friends make question about my new device, I can answer well and it’s why I learn about my device. Okay I am not annoying you more. You can learn about your iPod touch 4 th generation from this article. I am here mentioning some good point that really impressed me.

iPod Touch 4 th generation features:

iOS: Apple released several updated iOS for their clients and they created a well concern among their clients about iOS update. All of us who use apple product, they must be noticed about iOS update news. Because new iOS means something like a bigger apple than before. I mean a lot of features become available for users with new iOS. Now 5.0 iOS is the latest update for ipod users. But it is not available for all iPod touch generation (only for 3rd and 4th generation). At the first release of iPod touch 4 th generation, it was pre-installed with iOS 4.1 and in October 12, 2011 iOS 5.0 was connected with a brand new iPod touch 4 th generation. Still now you can find a iPod touch 4 G Pre-installed with iOS 5.

Display: When I get my device on hand, I really surprised to see its darkening reflection. Glossy glass-covered LED-backlit LCD and 960×640 px at 326 PP make its display more clear. 24-bit color depth-so any photo or video seems live to the viewers.

Ram: 256 MB ram

Cameras: iPod touch 4 G has two mind-blowing cameras. In back site the main camera is attached and in front a VGA quality camera is attached.

Headphones: Earphones, Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz, Impedance: 32 ohms

Power and battery life time: Voltage remains same as other generation but its required power have increased. Require voltage 3.7 V power 3.44 W·h (930 mA·h). Its battery life enlarged than past generation. Audio 40 hours or video 7 hours.

Weight: iPod touch 4 th generation become lighter than iPhone. Apple able to reduce its weight.  New iPod touch 4th generation is only 101 g or 3.6 oz. it’s easier to carry your iPod touch anywhere you go.

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