iPod touch camera review – Panoramic Photos, resolution and more

iPod touch offering its users a decent camera for its 4th and 5th generation version. You can use this camera to take photos and videos, to make video chats by using Apple’s FaceTime video chatting technology or Skype and so on. So, it is important to know that the quality of iPod touch camera, its regulations, modifying settings, and comparison with others camera. You will be able to get all of your necessary information and important tips about iPod touch camera.

Features of iPod touch camera:

4th generation: It has (960 x 720) pixels rear-facing with 720p HD video and (800 x 600) pixels in the user facing camera. Zoom option available but there is no flash for 4th generation iPod touch camera. It has Autofocus option but no HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. There is no availability of panoramic photos for 4th generation.

5th generation: iPod touch 5th generations have better camera than 4th generation. It has 5 megapixels (2560 x 1920) rear-facing with 1080p HD video quality and 1.2 megapixels (1280 x 960) user-facing camera with 720p HD video quality. All of the others feature like Flash, Digital zoom, Autofocus, HDR support, and panoramic photos are available in iPod touch 5th generation.

Using way: You can get a better photo by using iPod touch camera, if you can use its functions properly. Here’s how:

Zoom option: The iPod touch camera has excellent zoom option by which you can focus a specific area of a picture. Tap anywhere of the picture in the camera app to use zoom feature, then you will find a slide bar with plus and minus indicator. To zoom in, press plus indicator and to zoom out press minus indicator.

HDR Photos: Although iPod touch 4th generation don’t support HDR, but it available in 5th generation. To get HDR support, tap the options from camera app at the top of the screen and slide HDR on. HDR can ensure you to get higher quality photos.

Panoramic Photos: You can get panoramic photos if you have 5th generation or newer iPod touch. This is not available on 4th generation. Panoramic can help you to get wider photos than normal one. To get panoramic photos, go to options of the camera app and then tap panorama. Then tap the photo button and move your touch across the panorama to your desire photo. The process you need to done very slowly and finally tap done button after taking your photo.

Flash: Flash is a helpful functions to get better photos at the time of low-light situations. To turn on the flash, go to auto button from the camera app. Then tap “On” to get all time flash on. But if you want to get flash when needed, then tap “Auto”. Tap “Off” when you don’t want to use flash. It is not available on iPod touch 4th generation.

Comparison between iPod touch 5th gen and iPhone 5 camera:

Photo size and resolution: iPhone 5 offering you 8-megapixel camera, on the other hand iPod touch 5th gen has 5-megapixel. So, the full-resolution dimensions of the iPod touch 5th generations photos (1936×2592) are smaller than iPhone 5’s (2448×3264) photos.

General photography: iPod touch 5th generations camera can take excellent photos in general photography, but it’s true that iPhone 5 photos are better. You can use iPod touch 5th generations camera for general photography, but I always prefer the iPhone’s photo when shooting with the rear-facing cameras.

Low-light photography: The sensor and colors of iPhone’s camera are much better and accurate in low-light than iPod touch camera. Although, indoor environments are equally bad on both devices for taking photos.

Panoramic photography: From my experience, I can say that both iPhone and iPod touch cameras produce similar panoramic photos. Although iPhone 5’s show more contrast and a slightly warmed tone than iPod touch camera, but I think this is not so important feature to differ them.

Macro Photography: Both cameras performed very well at macro photography. Both have great ability to focus.

iPod touch camera or iPhone’s camera is an addition parts of these device. Actually cameras of these devices are bonus for its users. So, they can’t made higher quality camera like the device which is made only for camera. Therefore you can do all of your necessary photography, by using iPod touch camera.

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