I cannot find my iPod touch in iTunes

Some people have noticed me that they cannot find their iPod touch in iTunes.  I find several causes for that iPod touch not appearing in iTunes. People make those errors unconsciously. You may solve your problem yourselves. Try to identify for what your iPod touch is not appearing in iTunes.
1)    First of all check you are connected with internet and then confirm that you are using latest iTunes on your MAC or Windows PC.
2)    Restart your iPod touch. First turn off then turn on by pressing sleep button.
3)    Check your iPod battery charge. If the battery has very low charge then your iPod will need a few minutes to appear its display and it will display very poorly. So recharge battery and it will need approximately 20 minutes.
4)    Check your USB connection. Try to connect your iPod touch by a USB cable directly with your computer not with keyboard or external USB port.
5)    You can temporarily disable your antivirus protection. In your computer there may have some software that prevent your iPod touch to appearing in iTunes.
6)    Now you have to restart your computer. If your problem has been again encountered then try the above method once again.
7)    If you see your problem still along with your iTunes then you will need to install new version of iTunes. This needs for only Windows user. At first uninstall then install new version of iTunes.
If you have this problem still now, then consult with apple expertise.
To find more help check apple official site.

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