My ipod touch won’t turn on || Please help to turn on my iPod

turn on your iPod touchMany of the people are searching for help about – iPod touch won’t turn on. Different people stated the problem in different way. And the problems are not actually similar. So I will discuss here about iPod touch won’t turn on……

Usually you can turn on your iPod touch by holding power button and home key for a few seconds.

iPod touch won’t turn on

>>>> If you have already looked for help in others forum or site the you would have seen that many of the people replied: press the power and home key for over Thirty seconds. Before going to turn on your iPod touch, make sure that your charger is working fine or your battery isn’t drained while you trying to turn on. Now first you should charge your battery. And then try to on your iPod. If you can’t  turn on your iPod still now, then try another way – power key 4 seconds – power and home keys 10 seconds then home button 15 seconds then restore your iPod touch). I have seen it worked well for me and I could recognized my iPod touch in my PC .

>>>> Sometime your lock or sleep key could be broken. You may still try to turn on your iPod touch. You may also have connected your iPod with your PC and then windows shows notification that device has malfunctioned and you will not see your device in iTunes. Even when you plug charger the screen doesn’t turn on at all.
Now I can tell you how to move your iPod touch into defunct mode. But it won’t work as your wake button has been damaged. Is your iPod screen stuck in black? If yes, then try to hold the home key for nearly 3 secs and connect your iPod touch into your PC while holding home button. Then your iPod will be in a recovery mode and you can restore it with iTunes. Let me know if it works.

>>>> If your iPod touch won’t turn on and it has no other damages, you can contact with support center. Use Genius Bar to make an appointment. If your device has warranty, then your deflective iPod touch will be replaced with a refurbished one without any additional cost.

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