How can I rearrange my iPod touch Home screen?

Here I describe about three common tasks those are usually used to rearrange the Home screen. Most of the users want to change icon place on the Home screen. So they rearrange the icon on the Home screen. You can also change your Home screen by creating additional Home screen, creating folder or changing wallpaper.

Rearrange the Home screen:

Drag an icon to a new place when it starts to jiggle. Press home button when you finish. In your home screen you can add links to your favorite web pages.

How to create an additional home screen?

Many iPod users like to see their iPod home screen in several displays. iPod features give this opportunity to create your own favorable home screen. You can create 11 home screens. While the icons are jiggling, flick to the right most of the home screen, then drag an icon to the right side of the screen. You also can rearrange your home screen using iTunes.

How to use folder to organize items?

You can create folder on your iPod home screen to organize your home items. You can insert up to12 items in a folder. Like icon by touching it also can be rearranging around the home screen or to the new screen. When you create a folder, iPod touch names it, but you can change the name when you will want.

Creating a folder: Touch an icon and hold it until the home screen icons begin to jiggle, then put one icon onto another and release. So your folder will be created.


Now tap the new folder to open it. In the image you can see that the new folder contains two different icons and shows the name of folder. You can tap the name and rename it. You also can put an icon while you want. It is very simple to do. Just drag the icon onto the folder.

Open and close folder:

Tap the folder, then you can tap any icon of the folder. To close folder tap outside of the folder or press home button.

Remove item or delete folder:

If you want to remove an item from a folder, tap to open folder and then drag the item out of the folder. Before deleting a folder you need to remove all items on it, and then the folder will be deleted automatically.

How to change wallpaper?

Usually you can give a new look to your Lock screen or Home screen by changing wallpaper. Select an image or photo from your Camera Roll album or from a computer

Change the wallpaper setting: Go to Settings > Wallpaper, Tap the image of current lock and Home screens, and choose from supplied images or Camera Roll album.

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