Scrolling, Zooming, viewing landscape or portrait mode on iPod

How I can scroll quickly?

Usually to scroll we drag up or down. In some screen we also can drag right or left. It generally happens in few WebPages screens. Dragging process is slow process. Sometime you perhaps need to move faster. So you will need to scroll quickly. Flick on the screen to scroll quickly. To stop scrolling you have to wait for while. If you want to stop scrolling immediately touch on the screen anywhere. When you touch on the screen to stop scrolling immediately, it will not choose or activate any app or anything else.

flick it

How I can easily zoom in or out?

You can zoom in or out when you are viewing photos, maps, emails or WebPages. There is accessibility feature to magnify your screen with any app that you are using. However iPod Touch make it more easy with your finger touch. Nip your fingers together to zoom out and apart to zoom in. You can tap twice to zoom in while viewing photos or web Pages. Double-tap again to zoom out. Double-tap to zoom in and once tap to zoom out with two fingers while you looking a map.

Viewing screen in landscape or portrait orientation:

If you are using latest iPod touch you must able to view your movies or You Tube videos or webpages  either in landscape or portrait orientation in your iPod screen. It automatically adjust to fit when you rotate your iPod.

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