See videos from YouTube on your iPod touch – find a free iPod app for YouTube video

free YouTube apps to play videoYou can see videos from YouTube on your iPod touch. To enjoy YouTube feature in your iPod touch you will need an account in YouTube. There are many buttons available at the bottom of the screen of YouTube app like Features, Most Viewed, Search, Favorites and more buttons. Click more to see additional buttons. You can move or replace a button on the screen bottom.  From the more option you can choose an additional button to replace or move into the shown buttons’ screen. Drag a button and release it on existing one then click on done. New one will replace previous button. To move a button to left or right just drags it to the direction.

Ratina display: great time when you are playing a video in your iPod display

video from YouTube in iPod touch

Start Play YouTube videos on iPod touch:

When you will tap a YouTube video on browser then it will start downloading. After enough downloading it will start playing. You can see progress of downloading at the top bar.  Double tap the screen to make the video screen full. To see button to brows and also to stop watching video from YouTube click on the Done option at the top. You can add videos to your favorite or play list. If you need to delete any video from favorite list or play list then you can do it in your iPod touch.

To see videos when you are in offline, download videos from YouTube for iPod touch.

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