Skype on iPod Touch- how to use Skype on iPod touch?

Skype is an Internet Protocol telephony service provider, which is offers free video and voice calling to its subscribers. It also offering low-cost calling to mobile phone. Skype is not only offering you to video and voice call but also you can use it to transfer files, text, and documents. You can get the service from Skype by using desktop computers, notebook, tablet computers, and other mobile devices. Many iPod touch users think that, it is not a mobile or computer device. So, can Skype be used on iPod touch? Yes, you can use Skype from your iPod touch without any charge.

Way to use Skype from iPod touch:

You can use Skype from your iPod touch by following these steps:

1st step: You need to download the Skype app from apple store or iTunes (here…..).
2nd step: “Sign up”  by giving some information including Full Name, Skype Name, Password, Email and Location at the time of sign up.
3rd step: After completing sign up process, go to your email account and click the link to complete your registration. Now your Skype account is ready to use.
5th step: Now Sign in to your Skype account and search friends by Full name or Skype name to add them on your friend list by search option.
6th step: You will also get several options like,

  • Status: By this option, you can see your friend is offline or online.
  • Call: To make voice call, use this option.
  • Video Call: To make video call, use this option.
  • Chat: You can chat to your friend by using this.
  • SMS: Simply you can send SMS by this option.

What you can do with your skype, if any one from your contacts is showing online/offline?

Video call (free), Skype call (free), instant message, sending file, sending video message, send contact, share screen (very helpful feature), add more people in your discussion board. You can do same things except sending voice message, sharing screen and video call to a contact showing offline. If you are facing any problem to work with your iPod touch, please write us through comments.

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