Tips For Buying A Used iPod Touch And From Where You Can Buy

iPod touch is a dreamy device for those, who love the music very much, interested to web browsing and wants to get a video games device. There are some others excited features that attract people through the iPod touch. But it’s too hard to afford Apple’s prices ($299 to $399 for iPod touch 5th generation) to get a new iPod touch. So, buy a used iPod touch, it should be a very good solution for those, who love it very much but less ability to buy a new one.

Before buying a used iPod touch, you should consider some important things to get a better iPod touch. The things you need to consider are:

Touch Screen: It the most important part of this device. You should check that how fast it works? Have any spot on the screen that can prevent your video watching or can slow your job?

Battery Life: Make sure that the batter of used iPod touch is providing very good service. It will be better if you can get certify from the seller or replace the battery with a fresh one.

Version Of The Device: There are many similarities between 2nd generation and 3rd generation iPod touch. So, you need to identify properly which one is 2nd and which is 3rd generation before buying.

Checking For Water Damage: Water damage is an earphone indicator by which you can check the earphone plug, as it is damaged by water or not. If your earphone plug are affected by water then it will show you pink color. This is an important function to protect earphone from water damage and checking it should be very important to buy a used iPod touch.

Warranty: Some sellers have apple care insurance and they are willing to sell their product with warranty. Make sure the warranty covers users damage like cranked screen, dead battery or any others product faults.

Also you need to consider Wi-Fi connection, speaker quality, headphone etc.

From Where You Can Buy Used iPod Touch:

There are some exchanges companies like NextWorth, FlipSwap, and Second Rotation are buying and selling used iPod touch. You can buy it from online market place like Amazon, eBey or Craiglist. Also some iPod resellers are selling both new and used iPod touch.

Price To Be Considering For Used iPod Touch:

Price should be varying according to the condition of the device. You need to consider $75 to $150 for iPod touch 4th generation (32GB) although its new price is $299 to $399. You need similar price for iPod 5th generation. $20 to $50 for 1st generation and $50 to $100 for iPod touch 8GB.

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