How to type in iPod touch?

iPod touch 3rd or latter generation give you onscreen keyboard for typing. This feature is fully customizable. The keyboard corrects misspellings, predicts what you are typing, and learns as you use it.

Using onscreen keyboard:

You have already gotten an idea how onscreen keyboard help while you are typing. When you tap any text field, the keyboard will appear, then tap keys on the keyboard to enter text.

full-keyboardWhen you tap any key the letter will appear on the screen. If you touch the wrong key, you can slide your finger to the correct key before you release your finger. To delete the last character you typed tap delete-cancelkey at the right side of the keyboard.

Type uppercase: Tap the shift key shift key before you tap a letter. Or touch and hold the shift key and then slide to a letter.

Caps lock: Double-tap the Shift shift key key to turn caps lock on. Tap the shift key again to turn this feature off.

Numbers and symbols: You can see that there are number and symbol key at the below of the left side of the keyboard. Tap the number key to type any number and tap the symbol key to type a symbol.

Set options for typing: you can change any setting of the keyboard from the set option. Go to Settings > General > keyboard.

You can change keyboard layouts for software and hardware keyboards. The available lay outs depend on the keyboard language. You can choose different layouts for each language. The software keyboard layout determines the layout of the keyboard on the iPod touch screen. The hardware keyboard layout determines the layout of an Apple Wireless Keyboard connected to iPod touch.

Auto Correction and Spell checking:

You will be surprised to see when you will get some advance help to type. iPod touch is not only a teacher but also a student. Because when you type anything it checks misspellings and corrects it or makes suggestion when you are typing. It also learns how you use it.

For many languages, iPod touch corrects misspellings or make suggestions as you type. You can accept the suggestion without interrupting your typing. Now you may ask a question-“How iPod touch make suggestion to correct or complete the word?” iPod touch uses the active dictionary to do this job.

Now it is important to know how you accept the suggested word  or reject the suggested word. Type a space, punctuation mark, or return character to accept the suggested word. If you don’t want to accept suggested word, finish typing the word as you want it, then tap the “x”. When you reject a suggested word for the same word for many time, iPod touch becomes more likely to accept the word. iPod touch also underlines the misspelled word. You can replace the underlined misspelling word. Just tap on the underlined word and then tap a suggested correction. Or retype the word.

You can keep turn on or off Auto-correction or spell checking from settings. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard. iPod touch lets you to create shortcuts and personal dictionary. Sometime you will need to edit text and you can do it with the help of onscreen magnifying glass.

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