Use Internet on your iPod touch, Best Browser, Block Internet

To use internet on your iPod touch, very first you need a network connecting media. Wi-Fi is only connectivity choice of this device. As you are not allowed to use cellular connection on your iPod, so you can’t buy any internet plans for your iPod touch. But you can use internet on your iPod touch using Wi-Fi. Use a private or public Wi-Fi network to access internet on your iPod touch. It can be charged you for joining a Public or other Wi-Fi network.

Turn on Wi-Fi from general settings. Tap “Settings icon” and then Wi-Fi. Once you have joined a Network, iPod touch by default links to it when the network is within range. If there are multiple Wi-Fi networks in a range, then your iPod will connect with the last one that was used. To join a Wi-Fi network you will need nearest host name and password.

Access Internet Creating Hotspots:

If you have an iPhone and purchased an internet plan, then you can create personal hotspots to generate a Wi-Fi network. You will need iOS 5 or later version on your iPhone, powerful access to an edge or 3G network and mobile internet plan that agreeable with Personal Hotspot. Create Personal Hotspots: On your iPhone home screen tap Settings icon – Choose Personal Hotspot option – Tap Wi-Fi Password and type a password. Using this password you can join your shared Wi-Fi network from other device like iPod touch, iPad or other iPhone. Other user will also can access internet through your shared network using this password. Remember: this will increase your purchased data uses.

Best Web Browser For iPod Touch:

Safari comes with iPod as a built in app. Still now it is allowing best browsing experience on iPod touch. It is simple to understand of its interface and uses. Type url at the top in address bar or search from the search box. Most common features of a browser are to open new page or tab, bookmarking list and reload option. From safari you can add a bookmark or add to the reading list from the bottom icon. You will see a book icon from where you will able to see your bookmarks or reading list. You also can print PDF and web pages from your browser bottom icon no 3.

Most Popular Alternative Browser For iPod Touch:

iBrowse2: It offers dual web page viewing mode. So you can easily compare two a product price and details between two sites. You can also brows in private mode using iBrows2 to avoid tracking you browsing history. It must provides others features like bookmarking, full screen mode, portrait view, email integration and more. It will price you only $0.99 and buy it from iTunes.

QuickSurf: If you are in hurry and have a low speed connection or don’t want to increase package data usage, then QuickSurf would be a good choice. It load the pages more quickly than other iPod or iPhone browser avoiding image or ads to be loaded that on the pages. From the bottom you can choose normal view instead of quick view. It allows full screen view too. Moreover you can make privet browsing session and also save important url to visit later. Get it from iTunes paying $0.99

Incognito: Brows as an anonymous when you want. Incognito is a privet browser for iPod or iphone. It deletes all history when you exit. You can customize homepage and turn off auto rotation. Price $2.99

Mini Browser: Free and very small sized (only 100 KB) browser that offers many features. It allows you to have a customable homepage, full screen, nice navigation bar, quick email, Landscape/portrait mode, loading activity indicator and many more standard features.

Opera Mini: Get an awesome browsing experience with Opera Mini even in a slow internet connection. It compresses data before downloading. You can use it free without any cost and size of this app is 5MB. Its every feature made it unique from other browser. You can easily move to any open page using visual tab. Brows a page quickly using speed dial. You also can synchronize your bookmarks and speed dial with your PC. If you choose Opera Mini, I hope you will have an superb web browsing experience on your iPod touch.

Google Chrome: Chrome is now available for iPod touch. You can quickly switch to any tab through spanless  tab. Sign in to sync apps, extensions, settings, auto fill, ominibox history, themes, bookmarks, password and everything. You can change sync preference from advance sync settings. You can keep your all browsing data and password protective from other users if you have added your browser user name from setting. There are many things to discuss about chrome. I can say that it is a complete and high quality browser and perfect for any users. I will discuss more about it in later.

Block Or Restrict Internet Access On iPod Touch:

You may need to block internet access on your iPod touch for many reasons. It is quite simple to do from your iPod touch. Just do it from settings – General – Restrictions (then enable restriction and provide 4 digit pass code). You will need to use this code to change permission in later. Now choose program that you want to disallow like safari, YouTube, iTunes etc. Finally press Home Button to complete this task. You will that the programs you have disabled are now disappearing. If you forget your password of restriction, then you need to restore factory setting of your iPod touch.

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