Voice Control – for iPod Touch 3rd generation or later

Voice control is a feature that makes more easy to use music playback. iPod touch 3rd generation or later lets you control music playback using voice commands. To use Voice Control feature you need some additional things. Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic or a compatible accessory with microphone will be needed to use Voice control.


Voice Control Screen:

Press and hold Home button until the Voice Control Screen appears and you hear a beep. For best results speak clearly and simply. When you say something say only iPod touch command and names that are set to use. Take rest for a moment between tow commands. (Find available commands for music playback)


Change the language and country:

You should speak voice command in the language that has been set for your iPod touch. All language are not available for voice commands (Find available language). To change your settings choose General > International. Voice Control and then tap the language or country.


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