What’s new in iOS 7 that makes it difference from iOS 6 and upgrade to iOS 7

Apple announced that they are publishing new operating system calling iOS 7. According to Apples announcement, many of new features and a complete overhaul to the interface should be available there. But actually what’s new in iOS 7? How to differ it from iOS 6? Or what’s a facility available in iOS 7 for its millions of users. Here, we will discuss all about iOS 7.

What’s available in iOS 7:

  1. Attractive and smart looking: The most mentionable change in iOS 7 is its attractive design. This feature can make a difference than iOS6.
  2. Multitasking way: It is a smart way to switch between apps. iOS 7 can update your content before you launch them and knows when you like to use your apps. Actually it knows what you want to do before you do. To do the multitasking, press the Home button twice to see preview screens of your opening apps. If you want to quit an app then just swipe it up and out of preview.
  3. Camera & Photos: All kinds of shooting formats like still, video, panorama or square, front or center are available in iOS 7. Also you can apply filters for still and square images. It can give pre-concept of photos design before capturing. Filters can apply after capturing too and can remove the filter in any times.
  4. A photo can make your special moment happier and iOS 7 is making it very easy. You can smart grouping of your photos and videos according to time and place by using iOS 7. You can get all of your photos in screen by taping Years.
  5. AirDrop: It is an easy way to sharing photos, videos, or other files that you want to share to your nearest. You can share everything by AirDrop without connecting Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; as a result you will get higher security of your data.
  6. Safari: In iOS 7, Safari gets a new full screen mode with quick search feature.  You can hide your buttons and bars, when you are using Safari. As a result watching more content and large page is very easy.
  7. There are so many upgraded features such as: Control center for quick accessing to the controls and apps. Notification center to know about new mail and more.

These all are makes difference from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

How to upgrade to iOS 7:

Before upgrading to iOS 7, it is important to back your iDevice with iTunes. Because you can face problem for operating systems upgrade. As a result you may need to restore your device. So, back up your iDevice to avoiding any kind of updated problems. Then download the iOS 7 which is available for download, although it is not available for all apple devices.

Installing process:

1st step: Firstly open the disk which is .dmg format and find out iPhone Software update for your device.

2nd step: Open iTunes and then connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod device, to the computer. Then select iTunes and go to the “Summary” tab. Most of the iTunes is selected automatically.

3rd step: Press option key for OS X or shift key for Windows and click the restore button. Now, browse your downloaded update files and select it. Wait sometimes for completing update process.

You can restore your device from backup files if necessary. It’s all about update. I will come back soon with more details about iOS.

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